Black Label

As the most prestigious and exclusive art pieces from the artist, these limited creations each undergoes a meticulous creation process often entailing over two years time. Every Masterpiece, upon completion, is granted with its own name, year number, and custom-made jewelry box. These museum-calibre artworks are highly sought after in internationally renowned auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s, and are prominently featured in galleries and museums worldwide. Only by advance appointments are discerning collectors provided with the rare chance for a one-on-one private viewing to savor select Art Jewels in the brand’s prestigious private showroom and Art Jewel Gallery.

White Label

Inspired by the core design concepts at the heart of the brand, these breathing extensions are essential classics originating due to the exclusivity of Black Label Masterpieces. Intricate and detailed from every angle, these organic art pieces evince CINDY CHAO's meticulous quality demand, and require creation processes up to 18 months. These individually hand-made pieces highlight key works from CINDY CHAO’s signature collections and introduce the brand to lovers of art and fine jewelry. The sculpted creations are featured at a select few of the world's finest premium boutiques.

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