Cindy Chao is an artist
who has learned among masters ...


Cindy Chao, the granddaughter of an architect and the daughter of a sculptor, had an upbringing that was immersed in an extraordinary and vibrant creative environment. Her grandfather was a distinguished architect who designed hundreds of temples across Taiwan, many of which are now considered national monuments. Under his guidance, Cindy learned to see the world in a three-dimensional way; taking into account each angle, form, and expression while touring around these sacred buildings and as a result developed a personal passion for architecture.

That same sense of wonder was experienced watching her father carve from his bare hands life and emotion into his sculptures. Cindy was also her father’s first apprentice, and learned from him the various techniques and skills of sculpting that eventually helped her develop her unique style. His words of wisdom continuously ring in her ears:

“Regardless of the subject, the final piece must be as vibrant as it is in real life. Observe the object. Pay attention to the tiniest details, and then, with your heart and soul, put into forms what you’ve perceived.”

These experiences helped Cindy shape her own creative desire and her drive to be bold and brave with her work. With her father’s guidance she honed her talent, and continually strives for perfection. She has developed an acute sense of observation, mastered intricate sculpting techniques and constantly fine-tuned her work for his approval. Like him, she bottles up her emotions and pours that power into her creations.

I am always astonished and in awe whenever I see 18th century craftsmanship of jewellery. As an artist in the 21st century utilizing this centuries-old craft, I am honoured to have the ability to pass on to future generations this long-lost artistry. I hope more artists will be able to understand and continue this sophisticated delicate craft which captures the real essence behind jewellery art.


Cindy established her eponymous brand CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel by opening its first showroom in 2004, motivated by a desire to break boundaries and redefine high jewellery. She believes that every piece of fine jewellery should be a miniature work of art. As a creator she is dedicated to using the classic 18th century artisan technique of crafting designs in wax (cire perdu) before completing these intricate sculptures with precious metal and gemstones.

Her two collections: the museum-calibre Black Label Masterpieces, and the White Label Collection, are much sought after by connoisseurs. Her jewellery highlights prestigious auctions and has been exhibited at Beijing Today Art Museum, Tokyo Mori Art Museum and Masterpiece London. One of her creations, an iconic butterfly, inducted into the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Displaying her jewel, the museum quotes,

“ensures that generations to come may enjoy the colours, gems, and craftsmanship of this timeless piece.”