Black Label Masterpieces

Winter Leaves Necklace

The Black Label Masterpieces are the most prestigious and exclusive creations that bear the CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel name. They are the ultimate expressions of her savoir-faire as a sculptor and artist.

Original, innovative and technically challenging, only a limited number of these one-of-a-kind masterpieces are created annually, and each is named, numbered and dated. These modern masterpieces are unveiled once a year through invitation-only exhibitions, and are highly prized by connoisseurs and collectors, and are sought after at international auctions. The Biennale des Antiquaires de Paris 2016 marked the first worldwide unveil of CINDY CHAO’s masterful pieces to the public. One of the highlights at the event was the Winter Leaves Necklace from the Four Seasons Collection, as a reinterpretation of Cindy Chao’s first auctioned art jewel back in 2007. Even in portraying frosty winter foliage, she chooses the path of refinement and life-like realism for her creations.

Imaginative and creative, delicate yet daring, and impeccably hand-crafted, the Winter Leaves necklace, itself a constellation of more than 240 carats of nearly 6,000 fancy-cut diamonds all falling within the DEF colors and VVS clarity criteria, is set entirely in titanium which is a fifth of the weight of gold. As a result of more than 10,000 hours of engineering and craft, the voluminous necklace is ultra light weight of merely 78 grams. Resting lightly on the neckline, the curves, undulations and layering arrangement of the winter leaves on the necklace highlights their perfect shapes, and natural, organic appeal that are an important hallmark of a Cindy Chao art jewel.

Black Label Masterpiece IX, 2016

Pear-shaped diamonds 12.06 cts, oval-shaped diamonds 93.04 cts, round brilliant-cut diamonds 6.3 cts, diamonds 129.26 cts
24.7 x 18 x 10 cm

Phoenix Feather Brooch

The challenge of how to create a feather pin that is truly featherweight was first planted in Cindy’s mind when she saw illustrations of 18th century women wearing feathered adornments in their hair.

Inspired by the extravagant fashion and the birth of haute couture during La Belle Époque, the artist and her team spent nearly three years on their quest to collect nearly 1000 fancy coloured yellow diamonds of more than 36 rare hues and cuts, from around the world. Hidden within the kaleidoscopic Phoenix Feather Brooch are a chameleon diamond and a fancy-vivid orangey yellow diamond.

From the moulding to the intricate engineering and gem setting, adopting advanced titanium techniques, it took the brand’s European craftsmen 10,000 hours to achieve this chef-d'oeuvre. Each of the nearly 10,000 diamonds is precisely measured and accurately placed alongside one another to portray the delicacy of an airy feather, its curving arc and whimsical movement. 18cm in length and 36 grams in weight, the Phoenix Feather Brooch is a titanium-based masterpiece worthy of the name.

Black Label Masterpiece XVI, 2016

Pear-shaped fancy greenish yellow chameleon diamond 2.47 cts, pear-shaped fancy vivid orange yellow diamond 2.03 cts, fancy-cut fancy coloured diamonds 82.80 cts, fancy coloured diamonds 6.82 cts, diamonds 0.07 ct
15 x 5 x 2.5 cm